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    • i went to forge and clicked installer, but when it downloads its just my launcher with a different name...
    • Hey guys, I have made two classes I want to use to execute a commands. One of the classes (NickScan) is my command class and the other (NickScanRunnable) is my runnable class. I have a HTTP GET request running in my runnable class which is ran in my command class on 'processCommand()'. In my runnable class I edit a public variable to the String I want and then I use the Thread.join() method to connect to the thread and after retrieve my public variable which I then output. The problem is Thread.join() suspends my UI thread too. I was wondering if there was any other way to do this? I will attach code below.   NickScan class:   NickScanRunnable class:  
    • I personally define the read/write NBT myself in ICapabilitySerializable, as I find it more flexible (have more control over how stuff is stored, as well as being able to store types such as int array). This would force you to manage string keys though. However it is really up to you. I would suggest adhering to the single responsibility principle and make sure that your capability class is meant for data storage only; this will make it easier to debug as well as more readable.
    • yes i did and thank you for helping me, the ve project is the folder where everything is installed when i open eclipse i have no missing file, just to be more precise is the example ready to run or should i edit it before ? because i didn't found any minecraft version for this example mod so this is maybe why it's failing to run    i also forgot to tell that when i runed `gradlew genEclipseRuns` and `gradlew eclipse` it's build successfully but i also have before Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 5.0 even if the installation completed(it may has something to do with that ). i found that this is a common warning  but no solution in other topics (and also in github)  
    • play.ultimate-haven.us Modpack: FTBUltimate Reloaded 1.12.2 Modpack Version: 1.9.0 (Latest) Come Relive the Ultimate Experience! * Keepinventory is enabled. * Veinminer - Break multiple ore veins with 1 break * Chunkloaders allowed! Gain More with donation ranks! * Offline Chunkloaders available on the donation store. * PvP is your choice by enabling it within your claims! * Rotating Events, Events World * Admin Shop * Player Shops (Sell your plots or buy plots at the market) * Jobs * GriefDender + Towns * Taxes Plugin * Public lava/water * Lottery! (Buy lotto tickets) * Town Arena * Donation Ranks/Beans/Claimblocks/Chunkloaders     https://www.ultimate-haven.us/
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