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    • Rendering is difficult to debug because there are many different ways it can go wrong without any specific symptoms.  Taking baby steps is the best way to troubleshoot it, in my experience.   If you post your code on GitHub I can take a look if you like.   -TGG    
    • BTW block properties don't work like that; each block still has a blockstate for every possible combination of the properties that you attach to it, it just assigns a unique integer to each blockstate combination behind the scenes.   So for example - a block with a FACING (four directions), a POWERED (on or off), and a SPEED (slow, medium, fast, ludicrous) would have 4*2*4 = 32 different combinations.  If you tried to store a BlockPos it would try to make X * Y * Z combinations i.e. 2^32 * 256 * 2^32.    But you could for sure make each space on the chess board into a chess piece using blockstates (no tileentities) and have the master control the blockstate at each chess board location.  If you don't need animated figures then that's quite a bit simpler than using TileEntity and TileEntityRenderer    
    • Right now I am happily placing blocks with "setBlockState" but I ran into a small issue.   I would like to be able to place a monster spawner.   I have tried "Blocks.SPAWNER.getDefaultState()" but I don't have any control over what type of spawner.   How exactly would I place a spawner of a specific type?
    • Howdy Your chess piece is a block with tileEntity? Your master knows the location of each chess piece, so the basic algorithm is 1) Master places the chess piece at [x,y,z] using setBlockState 2) Master then retrieves the tileentity at [x,y,z] by asking the world for it (world.getTileEntity()) and casting it to the known entity type 3) Master sets the tileentity properties (I imagine - telling each slave what type of piece it is, as well as the [x,y,z] of the master) by calling the appropriate method in the tileentity.   Vanilla uses late initialisation for TileEntities anyway via read (from NBT) so constructing an empty TileEntity isn't a problem   -TGG      
    • AFAIK no. How big is your mod (the compiling time shouldn't be significant unless the mod is big, like more than 1 million lines of code)? What is taking up such a long time according to the log?
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