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    • Hello, I am not only a Minecraft modder, but I am also a Roblox scripter. In Roblox you can move the camera of the player and thus create some camera animations. But Minecraft is more complicated and I don't know where to start: Could someone help me?  
    • Hello, so title says it all. I tried creating a mod without @ Mod annotation by extending the main class with DummyModContainer. My code looks like this: TestMod.java (Main class) package me.vert3xo.testmod; import com.google.common.eventbus.EventBus; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.DummyModContainer; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoadController; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.ModMetadata; import java.util.Collections; public class TestMod extends DummyModContainer { public static final String MOD_ID = "testmod"; public static final String MOD_NAME = "Test Mod"; public static final String VERSION = "1.0"; public TestMod() { super(new ModMetadata()); ModMetadata meta = getMetadata(); meta.modId = MOD_ID; meta.name = MOD_NAME; meta.version = VERSION; meta.authorList = Collections.singletonList("Vert3xo"); } @Override public boolean registerBus(EventBus bus, LoadController controller) { return true; } } ModLoader.java (implements IFMLLoadingPlugin) package me.vert3xo.testmod; import me.vert3xo.testmod.asm.ClassTransformer; import net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.IFMLLoadingPlugin; import java.util.Map; @IFMLLoadingPlugin.Name("Test Mod") @IFMLLoadingPlugin.MCVersion("1.8.9") public class ModLoader implements IFMLLoadingPlugin { @Override public String[] getASMTransformerClass() { return new String[]{ ClassTransformer.class.getName() }; } @Override public String getModContainerClass() { return TestMod.class.getName(); } @Override public String getSetupClass() { return null; } @Override public void injectData(Map<String, Object> data) { } @Override public String getAccessTransformerClass() { return null; } } ClassTransformer.java (implements IClassTransformer) package me.vert3xo.testmod.asm; import net.minecraft.launchwrapper.IClassTransformer; public class ClassTransformer implements IClassTransformer { @Override public byte[] transform(String s, String s1, byte[] bytes) { return new byte[0]; } } And I have also added this to my build.gradle (copied it from MouseDelayFix mod) jar { manifest { attributes("FMLCorePlugin": "me.vert3xo.testmod.ModLoader") } } With this ^ in my build.gradle I can't even start the client, it gives me this error message: Execution failed for task ':runClient'. > Process 'command 'C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_241\bin\java.exe'' finished with non-zero exit value 1 For now I don't want this mod to do anything, I just want to see "4 mods loaded" when I run the client. What am I doing wrong (except trying to even do this without much experience)?
    • https://github.com/maxdu660/improved-adventure
    • Just to be clear, that is not an official minecraft/minecraft dungeons website. The official site only says "Spring 2020". I would keep an eye on http://www.minecraft.net for official information, and if you go to the page for more info on Minecraft Dungeons, there is a button at the top to subscribe to a mailing list for updates. That's probably the best you'll get to knowing a real release date that isn't just a guess pulled out of thin air.   As far as mods go, who knows? I can say with 99.99999% certainty that any modding system will be completely incompatible and different from forge for Minecraft/Java, and that they will probably not get any support on these forums.
    • Ok, then it is pretty simple  When i come to my home (after the school) then i will try what you suggest. Thanks for helping me!
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