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    • I have a Java item model and I want to use it. In 1.12.2 I used the iChunUtil mod, but in 1.14.4 I don't know what to use. Since iChunUtil is open source, I saw the code and it used those methods you've seen up there. Is there a vanilla replacement?
    • I am a complete newbie to the world of Minecraft Forge, and I would like to create an item. I have previous Java experience. How can I do this?
    • there's a config file in the config folder and another one gets generated in the serverconfig folder of a save, but it has only default values I thought maybe the values from the global config file are supposed to be in the serverconfig too, because the game is using values from the serverconfig, and why even have the global config if that wasn't the case?   Main: Config.loadConfig(FMLPaths.CONFIGDIR.get().resolve("qrystal.toml").toString()); ModLoadingContext.get().registerConfig(ModConfig.Type.SERVER, Config.config1, "qrystal.toml"); Config.loadConfig: public static void loadConfig(String path) { final CommentedFileConfig file = CommentedFileConfig.builder(new File(path)).sync().autosave().writingMode(WritingMode.REPLACE).build(); file.load(); config1.setConfig(file); }   how do I make the game use the values from the global config? Am I misunderstanding how this works?
    • So, Im new to MC Java Edtion and Im trying to get Steve's Bizzare Adventure, I put it in the mod folder and I have forge versions, 1.15.2 and 1.12.2 (SBA uses 1.12.2) When I load the 1.15.2 one it says the mod wont load because it uses a different version, yet when I use the 1.12.2 one it says I have 0 mods downloaded? Why wont it load into the 1.12.2 version and how do I get it to do that?
    • Forgive me, as I am no expert. But my solution was to check my mods.toml Make sure every field is filled out. Including the #optional ones and  the "URL" ones. For instance,     PS: http://example.com/ is an actual working URL you can use as a 'filler'
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