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    • Hey everyone,   I am getting this error: [18:30:23] [Client thread/WARN] [minecraft/ScreenManager]: Trying to open invalid screen with name: gocraft   I have a literal headache trying to figure out why its throwing that error. Please excuse the messiness as I am going to clean up later.   This is my container This is my screen This is my client proxy This is my item   I am able to have the item name show up and it shows in my hand, but when I right click it, I get that error. Anyone know why?   And sorry its all on GitHub. Full Git:   Thanks in advance!!  
    • I see you're using Java 13, this isn't going to work for running Forge, though I don't think it's the issue here. Apparently your Minecraft jar is somehow incomplete, delete versions/1.14.4/1.14.4.jar and try again.
    • How did you install the modpack?
    • I'm working on a mod (for a personal project of mine) that allows for the game to be controlled wirelessly through commands. It's a challenge for the game where the output from the game will be streamed to connected viewers. The audience may control the game's instance through commands. I currently have it so that the ingame character's movement may be controlled via commands as well as specifying which multiplayer server to join etc. however loading up a singleplayer world is ironically seemingly more tedious and I haven't been able to get far with that part. I would like to give the audience the opportunity to either choose to join a server and try controlling the game through commands only or choose to create or join a pre-existing singleplayer world. Naturally, checks will be made to ensure no one abuses this system and tries spamming servers with connection requests. 
    • Yes it seems the tile entity method #writeToNBT is acting the same way
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