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    • ================= Pre - Generated the whole world! Added Backpacks! (/bp, /backpack) Removed the LavaChat Game You will no longer be able to connect to the server while it's still loading (This is to prevent issues and to also prevent a few problems while the server's starting up) After a Claim gets expired (The user's inactive for two+ months) It will now regenerate the whole claimed area Changed spawn a lil bit. - I Myself did visit *every* Player's home and Took the items from their Vaults. For all of you who did not have time to remove your items DO NOT FREAK OUT! I have the database file in my computer and if anything is missing, Simply PM me and i'll bring it back! ================= Combat System is now more smooth Fixed the issue where sometimes you'd be kicked due to *Bot Attacks* Even tho you did not do anything or no attack was active Fixed issues with Skins not loading sometimes Re - Wrote a few rewards inside Crates in order for them to work properly(Had a few rare bugs before) The Holograms will now properly load on top of crates Fixed Particles sometimes bugging out and getting stuck on the ground Mob behavior will no longer be awkward(Had a few issues with the mob's range before) Fixed the server's MOTD sometimes breaking out after pinging twice Removed the Anti Phantom Plugin and simply disabled Phantom spawning without the need of any plugins Removed Non existant permissions from a few groups You will no longer get teleported to the world border after using /Wild Fixed an issue where no matter what you typed it'd show the item that you're holding in the chat Fixed a few issues with Tab =================
    • TileEntityChest chest = (TileEntityChest) Utils.mc.theWorld.getTileEntity(CopyChest.chestPos); chest.setInventorySlotContents(20, new ItemStack(Items.apple, 64)); Utils.mc.thePlayer.displayGUIChest(chest); this is an example. i'm opening a Tile Entity Chest client side and inserting client side items. however, this is a single chest, and im trying to figure out how to open a double.
    • 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
    • Part of my mod has a function of updating the block states of potentially hundreds of blocks at once, when I update too many at once it doesn't update the model of every block effected. I've noticed that it updates it if I right click every block that has not had its model updated. Also, from what I can tell the block state is correct on every block but the model hasn't changed to reflect it, but I am not certain. Any help would be appreciated if code is needed I will provide.
    • I am trying to make a mod pack,  but I have 2 mods conflicting in a specific way.   Biomes O' Plenty and Bewitchment both have a type of Amethyst resource, BiomesOP has "Ender Amethyst" and Bewitchment has "Amethyst".   Both of them come from mining their respective Amethyst ore, however, BiomesOP's "Ender Amethyst" is generated ONLY in the End dimension as it is meant to be a rare resource for rare crafting recipes and Bewitchment's "Amethyst" is generated in the Overworld dimension as its meant to be a somewhat less rare resource for common crafting recipes.   My problem is that both of these mods recipes that call for Amethyst automatically call for any type of Amethyst from either mod and this is bad because it allows you to use the common "Amethyst" from Bewitchment in the rare recipes that normally call for BiomesOP's "Ender Amethyst".   I want them to be separate and treated as two different resources. From what I can tell this is just a unifying ore recipe Forge feature, but I want to make it so that this doesn't apply to these 2 specific resources. Because one is rare and one is common and you shouldn't be able to count them as the same.   How would I go about fixing this problem?
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