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    • Hi i instal my own server 1.12.2 Forge and i add IC2 (Industrial Craft 2) so when i join the server mod wont work like i can take items and see them but i cant use them when i try to use the drill block wont brake and when i try to put some IC2 bloc wont place, and in singleplayer i cant use and everything work fine but in multiplayer on my server wont work i need help tnx.
    • hello   i want to play minecraft with mods , and the game doesn't run the optifine minecraft version : 1.14.4 forge version : 1.14.4 optifine :1.14.4   i want help
    • I think my current version is: 1.14.3-27.0.21. I'm adding two images showing what version shows up in the actual game.   Is there a better way of knowing what version i'm using? And if i were using a wrong version, how should i go about updating it?   I'm currently trying to update the mappings (which i also don't fully comprehend what they are)
    • Is this correct?   RegistryHandler.java: @SubscribeEvent public static void registerItems(RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event) { ModItems.init(); event.getRegistry().registerAll(ModItems.ITEMS.toArray(new Item[0])); MagicModLogger.getLogger().info("Register Items!"); OreDictionaryHandler.registerOreItems(); OreDictionaryHandler.registerOreBlocks(); } @SubscribeEvent public static void registerBlocks(RegistryEvent.Register<Block> event) { ModBlocks.init(); event.getRegistry().registerAll(ModBlocks.BLOCKS.toArray(new Block[0])); MagicModLogger.getLogger().info("Register Blocks!"); }   ModItems.java: public static List<Item> ITEMS = new ArrayList<Item>(); public static Item modIngots; public static Item gemFragments; public static Item corruptFragment; public static Item featherBunch; //ItemBlocks public static ItemBlock itemBlockingots; public static void init() { modIngots = new ModIngot("ingot"); gemFragments = new ItemGemFragment("gem_frag"); corruptFragment = new ItemCorruptedFragments("corrupt_fragment"); featherBunch = new ItemFeatherBunch("feather_bunch"); itemBlockingots = new ItemModIngotBlocks(); }   ModBlocks.java: public static List<Block> BLOCKS = new ArrayList<Block>(); public static final List<BlockFluidBase> BLOCKFLUIDS = new ArrayList<BlockFluidBase>(); public static Block blockIngots; public static Block moltenMythrilBlock; public static Block moltenCoal; public static void init() { blockIngots = new ModIngotBlocks(Material.IRON, "block"); moltenMythrilBlock = new BlockMoltenMythril(ModFluids.moltenMythrilFluid); moltenCoal = new BlockLiquifiedCoal(ModFluids.liquifiedCoal); }   It still doesn't solve my fluid texture problem though. I am getting the same log...
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