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    • Hot swap in Idea doesn't work with forge 1.14 at all for me, and it is very frustrating. Could someone explain why? 😠
    • Ok, sounds good.  Do you have a particular recommendation on where to start on Github?  Is there a particular open source mod that has a high degree of functionality that would make a good starting point?    (I've noticed that every Java turorial says "comment your code so people can understand what you're trying to accomplish" but the only person I've seen comment their code was the one person who was blasting another mod-author and writing a big "I-told-you-so" in his comments cutting that person down and then claiming superior methodology.  It would be nice to see code that has comments that actually explain the outcome.) Thank you JMAS
    • I just wanted to ask when we have news for Forge for Minecraft 1.15. I know that Minecraft wrote this in its release notes:  
    • Hi there! I met a serious problem with the Minecraft server making, happens either way on the vanilla too... I choosed this site because Forge is the only one that can help out with this mess between MC and Mods....and server i suppose, since you did even the explicit Jar file for modded servers...right? Here's the deal: i did as MC hinted me to, which, make a text file containing the code to expand the server's ram, rename the file from .txt to .bat and use the batch file instead of the jar one. Cool right?.....nope....not cool... No matter what version, what type and how setted up my MC is, my friend can't connect at all in my MC hosted server running FROM a .bat file NOTES FOR THE Server.Proprieties.txt file: Ip its not the problem at all, i can have it different as many ways as i want, but .bat files don't care about it doesn't matter if i set the server ONLINE or OFFLINE, its a local IP andress made with HAMACHI, an external server hoster that helps you deal with IP's problems, good way to bypass the "router login" of your connection, No, we're not SPs, we bought MC from the ancient years they came, we are premium users as MC protected servers aren't a problem to us, so, we don't have anything about hacking or any hacked client in the mod list (OptiFine its a modification of the quality of MC, not a support of the human body whatsoever) My computer runs the server, as the same computer runs my MC account, but i never heard about conflicts between owners and servers. the only leech that litterally blows everything about this system is......THE PORT ANDRESS.... Yup, that's the problem, which....i just can't modify it....seriously I'M both the hoster AND the server! its like the Jar file can't say openly the server when i run the Bat file so, i can run the server normally with the classic Jar file....but RAM goes CAM (Casual Access Memory), since the BAT file can work just for the LAN....or just to myself...*pun intended* i can't manage anymore running a server on low memory, since my friend struggles to get in because it has a laptop (not really much for a modded MC, but miracle wants to make it work....damn) So, if you have any ideas of bypassing the extension of memory without batching a file [ O O O O -] or....smashing my head for managing to bypass the Port Access, or the 5 stupid numbers, the 25565 demon..... [ O O O O O ] i'll leave the full code of the modded server's proprieties   #Minecraft server properties #Sat Dec 14 14:58:01 CET 2019 spawn-protection=16 max-tick-time=60000 query.port=25565 generator-settings= force-gamemode=false allow-nether=true gamemode=1 broadcast-console-to-ops=true enable-query=true player-idle-timeout=0 difficulty=3 spawn-monsters=true op-permission-level=4 pvp=true snooper-enabled=true level-type=FLAT hardcore=false enable-command-block=true max-players=2 network-compression-threshold=256 resource-pack-sha1= max-world-size=29999984 server-port=25565 debug=false server-ip= spawn-npcs=false allow-flight=false level-name=world view-distance=10 resource-pack= spawn-animals=false white-list=false generate-structures=true online-mode=false max-build-height=256 level-seed= prevent-proxy-connections=false motd=A Minecraft Server modded one enable-rcon=false  
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