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    • I believe that is wrong...cant you just have two models per color/whatever(16). And then an extra one that's empty. Then an extra one that is empty to apply when it is false. Which comes to 16x2+1=33 which is a lot, but you can just parent the glass pane model and change the texture.  
    • So no matter what I do, or whatever mod I select, the config button is always greyed out so i cant config any mod.  Ive seen videos for the mods I have where people are going into the config using the config button.  Why am I unable to do so?  Why doesnt my config button work?  What am I missing?  Or is this is a bug?
    • I'm afraid I don't know what's at the root of it, really. Having looked at the .obj model, I can tell you that the vertices are in order, so that they shouldn't be triggering weird cullface issues. That said, I've got a block with a similar model, that doesn't have this problem, which uses .json format. Perhaps that's the cause? Here's the model, and you can see if just by swapping them you get any success. If it works, it's something with the .obj. If it doesn't, it's something with your code, and we can compare setups to see what's different. (Unless of course someone else knows the answer off the top of their head) fancy_cube.json
    • Post from the dead here. I finally got around to implementing the glass pane frames for my mod. Code wise I think I got the blockstate thing down. There are 16 states that these glass pane frames can be in along with the 4 states that I'm inheriting (North, South, East, West). I took a look at how the blockstate json handles its 4 states. Example here for Cyan Stained Glass Pane: Now the 16 blockstates I've created are to go with the original 4 from BlockPane. If I do what I am thinking of doing, I will have to have 128 models just for 1 glass pane frame. Here is the question, is there a less painful way to create the blockstate and models?
    • After taking a look at your logs, I found this :  Taking an "educated" guess, if you know which mod team chisel makes, you can remove that and see if that works. Other then that, my suggestion would be to remove all your mods, but one and run minecraft after each mod you added. Hope this helps. 
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