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    • The thing is, posts like that in General Discussion get drowned rather easily and I would like to avoid bumping them.   The people in charge might not be online all the time, so it might need to stay up for a while before it get's read.   I guess the "Suggestions" board is a bit better allthough it is also not indented to be used for something like that.
    • Are mappings privided by forge or are they supplied by mojang?   In case the mappings are supplied by forge / any other open source project: How do I contribute? Also, wasn't there some talk about mojang wanting to open source the mappings? Whatever happened to that? In case the mappings are supplied by mojang: Why are there so many unnamed fields?   The Questions are mutually exclusive. Only one point can be answered. 😉
    • Hey, i figured it out its was a java problem i installed the wrong one and wasnt compatible with my driver so i uninstalled java and reinstalled it and reupdated my driver
    • Hey all, Got a bit of a stumper.  I have a custom block that's supposed to run an interaction when clicked with a certain item.  That's fine and great, I got that part working.  However, because I'm using the onBlockActivated method, it doesn't fire when shift clicking  (which I want it to do because I want it to activate a different function when shift clicked with that item).  I looked it up and saw that this is an intended function, and that I need to override the PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock event to make it allow the click.  Which I did.  Except no matter what I try, I can't get it to actually register the onBlockActivated event.  It works as intended with a normal click.  It's just shift clicking that's not working.  My code is as follows: @SubscribeEvent public static void playerRightClickBlock(PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock event) { if (event.getWorld().getBlockState(event.getPos()).getBlock() instanceof WCFoodBowlBlock) { if (WCFoodBowlTileEntity.isValidFood(event.getItemStack())) { System.out.println("Right Clicked on food bowl with valid item"); event.setUseBlock(Event.Result.ALLOW); } } } That print statement does fire.  So the event is getting caught and running properly, and none of those if statements are throwing it off.  I can only assume I either got the wrong event somehow, am using the wrong function to make the onBlockActivated method fire even while sneaking, or Forge itself has a bug.  I'm using the latest stable version so if so, it must be something pretty recent... Thank you for your time, and have a great day!
    • I have managed to solve the issue. It appears to have been fixed by replacing default values in places like build.gradle and mods.toml (e.g. "examplemod") with the proper values, such as the mod ID.
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