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    • I've seen Cadiboo's code regarding configs (see his post, here), but in implementing it myself I'm not seeing it in-game nor am I getting a config file generated on disk (ok, the file is generated, but it is blank).   I'm not sure what I haven't set up, as far as I can tell, its exactly like Cadiboo's example (just with different config fields).   https://github.com/Draco18s/ReasonableRealism/blob/1.14.4/src/main/java/com/draco18s/flowers/OreFlowers.java#L44-L55 https://github.com/Draco18s/ReasonableRealism/tree/1.14.4/src/main/java/com/draco18s/flowers/config
    • But I want to use Minecraft's player model lol. I don't fancy rewriting that.
    • the original mod I made was for 1.8.9 so I couldn't copy anything. but now everything is working order except for these damn crops thanks to you guys. I guess I'll just have to figure this out on my own if you can't help me further. thanks for the help. you'll be in my credits lol
    • So I improved some things and everything is working well in Eclipse. But when I build the mod and launch it in minecraft, the item rendering isn't cancelled. Here is my new code: ItemRenderHandler: SpecialLayerHeldItem:  
    • *Shrug* From my point of view, you created a bunch of stuff all at once (maybe copy-pasted from an old version?) without checking any of it to make sure it worked before going for more.   Always work on one block or item or system at a time, make sure its working 100%* before moving on to another.   *Sure, there are things that interleave sometimes, such as a crop and its seed, those can be worked on as a single operational group. And sometimes you need to break a thing down into smaller pieces and work on them and they won't be 100% until the larger structure is done, but you can handle that with placeholders and TODOs, but there you know what part isn't complete when you test it (for example, my ore system relies heavily on Custom Ore Gen and several ore generation events that don't exist, but that doesn't mean I can't make the blocks, items, loot tables, recipes, and enchantments, I just know I can't test the ore gen and prospecting systems until those events exist).
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