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    • New Landmark Introducing the Obelisk Shard Buildable at Town Level 5 Obtainable via the Town Steward Every 30 minutes any player within 3 blocks of the beacon at a Town Obelisk Shard will be teleported to a Public Obelisk Shard Teleports you to the closest Public Obelisk Shard 1 minute before the teleport, the purple particle effects (pictured) will appear on the iron blocks and will disappear once the teleportation happens Clicking on the spawner will tell you when the next warp is along with where you will be teleported to Every block except for the: spawner, beacon, and iron blocks is breakable Players with the TOWN_MANAGEMENT permission for the town can shift + right click to bring up the prompt to remove the shard Other than the upfront building cost, there is no other gem cost associated with traveling using the Obelisk Shards Public Obelisk Shard There are 3 Public Obelisk Shards in the world; one at each NPC capital city Every 30 minutes all players within 3 blocks of the beacon will be teleported to their closest Town Obelisk Shard Like the Town Obelisk Shard, the visual indicator is also in present (particle effect) and the information that is provided when clicking on the spawner More information of updates can be found here: https://forums.mc-atlas.com/showthread.php?tid=618&pid=3380#pid3380
    • Hello, I have a little API mod (Or a library, core or how you want to call it) that has methods used to spawn items/mobs/etc but I have problems setting attributes/NBT to an entity. This is how I spawn an entity without armor public static void SpawnEntityNoArmor(World worldIn, int x, int y, int z, Class<? extends Entity> entity, int amount, Boolean hasCustomName, @Nullable String name, Boolean hasMessage, @Nullable EntityPlayer player, @Nullable String message, Boolean hasCustomHealth, @Nullable Integer health) { for (int b = 0; b < amount; b++) { Entity en = EntityList.newEntity(entity, worldIn); en.setPositionAndUpdate(x, y, z); if (hasCustomName) { en.setCustomNameTag(Messages.color(name)); } if (hasCustomHealth) { } worldIn.spawnEntity(en); } if (hasMessage) { Messages.sendMessage(player, message); } } I use Entity en = EntityList.newEntity(entity, worldIn); because is the only method I've found on the internet that let me spawn an entity using EntityName.class I don't know how to add to this entity an attribute/NBT because en.getEntityAttribute doesn't exists Calling the method with: EntityHelper.SpawnEntityNoArmor(worldIn, x + new Random().nextInt(12) - 6, y, z + new Random().nextInt(12) - 6, EntitySheep.class, new Random().nextInt(8) + 1, true, "jeb_", true, player, "I'm a sheep"); If you want to know what "EntityHelper" class contain is just this method above (the first one) plus some other useless methods for this question   How can I set an entity Attribute using my entity spawn method or using a different method that let me dynamically choose an entity?
    • As an aside, you've made sure that the methods run, right? lol Beyond that, though, I think your json should be placed in resources/assets/eatahorse/loot_tables/, unless you change the path accordingly. Your json file also has some differences in formatting from mine, which might or might not be fine (I'm not fabulous with loot jsons, so I'll leave that to someone else).
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