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    • im trying to download the 1.14.4 version for forge on my pc but every time i try to download the launcher or down loader it downloads a word pad doc but if i go back to 1.12 it works perfectly. How do i fix this?
    • That didn't work I think I just got the "recommended" forge installer instead of the "latest" although maybe it was because I tried without the forge installed and restarted minecraft  
    • Hello, I am trying to get a scroll bar in my GUI. It currently scrolls but is a little slow to fast mouse movement. It also completely breaks when the user resizes the window. How can I adapt to these updates? (full screen v.s smaller sizes) Gui class here I have attached a video of it in-game to show its odd effects(Sorry for the resize part, had to fix obs halfway through)   EDIT: How would I combine this scroller with the later list? For ex, the items moving with the scroller EDIT: Idk how to remove these videos ;/ 2019-09-22 01-12-18.mp4 2019-09-22 01-12-18.mp4
    • I have some information, just strings and ints, that I need to store to the world save. I looked into WorldSavedData, but I'm not sure whether or not this is what I am supposed to use? I am also very confused about WorldSavedData and how to use it. I'd just like to know what the best way to store this data would be and how I go about do so (beginner here). Thanks!
    • I know what are you saying, I am just too tired and making everything too complicated after no sleep for a while. Ah my brain hurts but it is working now thanks.
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