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    • I try to read the comments, but 95% are just people going on about how great and fantastic his tutorials are, which are of course the only ones he replies and likes. He doesn't bother helping people who can't it to work.
    • Right. I'mt not good enough at java yet to be able to just look at the source and figure out what I can do yet, and I don't know all the commands I can use, but I'm sure I'll learn. The tutorials you sent me look really good!
    • So doesn’t it cause the server to crash, in contrast to what Draco18s said?
    • So I am currently coding in a item and can’t get its texture to properly connect. Here is my code:   package assets.testmod.textures.items;   import com.shadowmaster.testmod.reference.Reference; import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.ItemStack;  import net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.Side;  import net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.SideOnly;     public class ItemSTM extends Item{      public ItemSTM(){            super();      }      @Override      public String getUnlocalizedName(){            return String.format(“item.%s%s”, Reference.MOD_ID.toLowerCase() + “:”, getUnwrappedUnlocalizedName(super.getUnlocalizedName()));      }        @Override      public String getUnlocalizedName(ItemStack itemStack){            return String.format(“item.%s%s”, Reference.MOD_ID.toLowerCase() + “:”, getUnwrappedUnlocalizedName(super.getUnlocalizedName()));      }        @Override      @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT)       public void registerIcons(IIconRegister iconRegister){             itemIcon = iconRegister.registerIcon(this.getUnlocalizedName().substring(getUnlocalizedName().indexOf(“.”) + 1);   \* This is the piece having the issue but I can’t figure out why or how to fix it *\       }      protected String getUnwrappedUnlocalizedName(String unlocalizedName){           return unlocalizedName.substring(unlocalizedName.indexOf(“.”) + 1);      } }
    • Hello there, I am the Lead developer for a WIP mod named Dragon Mounts:Reborn. Some of you may have heard of Dragon Mounts or Dragon mounts 2, both of which have been stopped. Dragon Mounts:Reborn is a spiritual successor  to these two mods and we are hoping to make it bigger and better. We are looking for anybody willing to help with the mod, especially coders. Please, if you have any interest joining our team, join our discord to learn more,meet the rest of us, and hopefully join us. https://discord.gg/RhgkQjp  
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