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    • Something similar is happening to me. Whenever i try to launch forge, The minecraft window pops up but it is black (Not responding) . I have tried to do what he did up there ^ that worked for him but nothing happened. Please help !!
    • I found the logs file inside there is a document called debug and two GZ files called debug-1.log.gz and debug-1.log.gz respectively along with a document titled latest and a lot of dated .log.gz files which one of these do you require?
    • Okay, I think I will try creating a custom leaf block then - it seems like my best option. Thanks!
    • This is very strange and I've had this problem for a while and I'm honestly out of ideas. So, I'm trying to play modded mc and here's how it goes. I start up forge and it proceeds normally, but when it loads up to the menu it freezes, then goes to a loading screen, then crashes. I'm new to this and want to play just play modded really.   Here's crash report Time: 4/7/20 1:09 PM Description: Unexpected error java.lang.VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack Exception Details:   Location:     net/minecraft/client/renderer/chunk/RenderChunk.func_178581_b(FFFLnet/minecraft/client/renderer/chunk/ChunkCompileTaskGenerator;)V @410: invokestatic   Reason:     Type 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/BufferBuilder' (current frame, stack[8]) is not assignable to 'net/minecraft/util/BlockRenderLayer'   Current Frame:     bci: @410     flags: { }     locals: { 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/chunk/RenderChunk', float, float, float, 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/chunk/ChunkCompileTaskGenerator', 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/chunk/CompiledChunk', integer, 'net/minecraft/util/math/BlockPos$MutableBlockPos', 'net/minecraft/util/math/BlockPos', 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/chunk/VisGraph', 'java/util/HashSet', '[Z', 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/BlockRendererDispatcher', 'java/util/Iterator', 'net/minecraft/util/math/BlockPos$MutableBlockPos', 'net/minecraft/block/state/IBlockState', 'net/minecraft/block/Block', '[Lnet/minecraft/util/BlockRenderLayer;', integer, integer, 'net/minecraft/util/BlockRenderLayer', integer, 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/BufferBuilder' }     stack: { '[Z', integer, integer, 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/BlockRendererDispatcher', 'net/minecraft/block/state/IBlockState', 'net/minecraft/util/math/BlockPos$MutableBlockPos', 'net/minecraft/world/ChunkCache', 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/BufferBuilder', 'net/minecraft/client/renderer/BufferBuilder' }   Bytecode:     0x0000000: bb00 4559 b700 fd3a 0504 3606 2ab4 0074     0x0000010: 3a07 1907 100f 100f 100f b601 013a 0819     0x0000020: 04b6 0105 b601 0819 04b6 010c b201 10a5     0x0000030: 000c 1904 b601 05b6 0113 b119 0419 05b6     0x0000040: 0117 1904 b601 05b6 0113 a700 103a 0919     0x0000050: 04b6 0105 b601 1319 09bf bb01 1959 b701     0x0000060: 1a3a 09b8 0057 3a0a 2ab4 011c b601 219a     0x0000070: 0194 b201 2304 60b3 0123 b800 67be bc04     0x0000080: 3a0b b801 29b6 012d 3a0c 1907 1908 b801     0x0000090: 31b9 0137 0100 3a0d 190d b901 3c01 0099     0x00000a0: 0112 190d b901 4001 00c0 000b 3a0e 2ab4     0x00000b0: 011c 190e b601 443a 0f19 0fb9 014a 0100     0x00000c0: 3a10 190f b901 4d01 0099 000a 1909 190e     0x00000d0: b601 5119 1019 0fb6 0157 9900 412a b401     0x00000e0: 1c19 0eb2 015b b601 5f3a 1119 11c6 002e     0x00000f0: b201 6519 11b6 0169 3a12 1912 c600 1f19     0x0000100: 1219 11b6 016f 9900 0e19 0a19 11b6 0175     0x0000110: 57a7 000a 1905 1911 b601 79b8 0067 3a11     0x0000120: 1911 be36 1203 3613 1513 1512 a200 7e19     0x0000130: 1115 1332 3a14 1910 190f 1914 b601 7d9a     0x0000140: 0006 a700 6219 14b8 0183 1914 b601 8436     0x0000150: 1519 10b6 0188 b901 8c01 00b2 0192 a500     0x0000160: 4619 04b6 00e6 1515 b601 963a 1619 0519     0x0000170: 14b6 0199 9a00 1219 0519 14b6 019c 2a19     0x0000180: 1619 07b6 00f0 190b 1515 5c33 190c 190f     0x0000190: 190e 2ab4 011c 1916 1916 b801 a219 13b8     0x00001a0: 01a8 8054 8413 01a7 ff81 01b8 0183 a7fe     0x00001b0: eab8 0067 3a0d 190d be36 0e03 360f 150f     0x00001c0: 150e a200 4119 0d15 0f32 3a10 190b 1910     0x00001d0: b601 8433 9900 0a19 0519 10b6 01ab 1905     0x00001e0: 1910 b601 9999 0018 2a19 1023 2425 1904     0x00001f0: b600 e619 10b6 00ec 1905 b600 f884 0f01     0x0000200: a7ff be19 0519 09b6 01af b601 b32a b400     0x0000210: 4fb6 0108 190a b801 b63a 0b2a b400 59b8     0x0000220: 01b6 3a0c 190b 2ab4 0059 b901 bc02 0057     0x0000230: 190c 190a b901 bc02 0057 2ab4 0059 b901     0x0000240: bf01 002a b400 5919 0ab9 01c2 0200 572a     0x0000250: b400 7b19 0c19 0bb6 01c6 2ab4 004f b601     0x0000260: 13a7 000f 3a17 2ab4 004f b601 1319 17bf     0x0000270: b1                                        Exception Handler Table:     bci [39, 50] => handler: 77     bci [59, 66] => handler: 77     bci [77, 79] => handler: 77     bci [532, 602] => handler: 612     bci [612, 614] => handler: 612   Stackmap Table:     full_frame(@59,{Object[#2],Float,Float,Float,Object[#22],Object[#69],Integer,Object[#11],Object[#13]},{})     same_locals_1_stack_item_frame(@77,Object[#483])     same_frame(@90)     full_frame(@152,{Object[#2],Float,Float,Float,Object[#22],Object[#69],Integer,Object[#11],Object[#13],Object[#281],Object[#369],Object[#484],Object[#486],Object[#313]},{})     append_frame(@211,Object[#11],Object[#326],Object[#339])     append_frame(@276,Object[#488],Object[#363])     chop_frame(@283,2)     append_frame(@296,Object[#490],Integer,Integer)     append_frame(@325,Object[#99])     append_frame(@390,Integer,Object[#18])     chop_frame(@420,2)     chop_frame(@426,1)     full_frame(@433,{Object[#2],Float,Float,Float,Object[#22],Object[#69],Integer,Object[#11],Object[#13],Object[#281],Object[#369],Object[#484],Object[#486],Object[#313]},{})     full_frame(@446,{Object[#2],Float,Float,Float,Object[#22],Object[#69],Integer,Object[#11],Object[#13],Object[#281],Object[#369],Object[#484],Object[#486],Object[#490],Integer,Integer},{})     append_frame(@478,Object[#99])     same_frame(@509)     full_frame(@515,{Object[#2],Float,Float,Float,Object[#22],Object[#69],Integer,Object[#11],Object[#13],Object[#281],Object[#369]},{})     same_locals_1_stack_item_extended(@612,Object[#483])     append_frame(@624,Object[#369],Object[#369])     at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(Minecraft.java:1180)     at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(Minecraft.java:398)     at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:123)     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)     at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)     at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:497)     at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(Launch.java:135)     at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(Launch.java:28)  
    • I'm playing SkyBlock and I'm irritated that I have to go back and mine for 3 hours just to do 10 minutes of work, because 560 cobblestone is not enough. There has been artists who claim they have scripts that mine the cobblestone for them. I have gone all the way to third page of Google and went to YouTube. Everybody has smart ideas about using TNT, but its extremely inefficient when you play SkyBlock, there's couple scripts that are discontinued, download links either invalid or deleted. One script "worked" and it waited in my tray, for it do nothing. There's another script which allows player to mine in Minecraft without player even having the window focussed, but its only limited to one pickaxe, and it doesn't stop processing mine button under any condition.   There's that one specific script like Baritone, but it appears to mine everything, I just want it to mine the cobblestone when it pops into existence. I don't want it to accidentally remove my entire base which is also made out of cobblestone.   So how's it done now? What can do to fill my hotbar with pickaxes and have bot mine all the cobblestone? I could just give myself unholy stacks of cobblestone but it feels like cheating, I know that autominer is also cheating, but I feel like it's different than using commands.
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