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    • Yes its fully possible to change the textures and models of items/blocks using a mod. It functions exactly as a resource pack would. The problem is that you want to do it conditionally. There is no way to do it conditionally that immediately comes to mind. Like I said you would have to do some resource reload listener stuff.    Aka you would have to make your own listener for when resources reload and replace the texture(s) based off the config setting. And also reload all the resources whenever that config setting has changed. Just changing one block for another will not work.
    • Yes, I know. Again, I am trying to keep it in the confines of the mod. Would seem unnecessary to have them download a mod and then a resource pack just for a few optional texture changes. I'm not looking to go down the Conquest route. If it is not possible within reasonable limits, then damn. If I can do it then all the better. I have seen people change vanilla item models and so forth with mods before, so I felt like asking if the same was possible with textures. If I have to I am even willing to just replace one block with another if need be and if it would be easier to do.
    • Does anyone know of a function to convert coordinates in 3d space into 2d space? An example usage for this would be drawing text on the users screen over a 3d position, obviously the location of the text logically is in 3d space, however for it to be rendered it must be rendered in 2d. An example of this already happening in the vanilla game is name tags, however I tried to use the EntityRenderer.drawNameplate function and this did nothing, the text simply did not show up. I tried running the function on world render as well as on ui render.   If anyone knows of a function that can allow me to draw items on the screen in 2d over a 3d target, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
    • I'm sure this is semi possible, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Theres no option in a model file to say if this then do this. So the only option would be to have some sort of Resource reloading listener that does what you want.   Or you could just give them a resource pack they can download along with the mod. Yes resource packs can affect modded textures and models. 
    • I'm sure that is what it sounds like I would like to do, but no. I want to keep everything within the confines of the mod I am making, just offering the player the option to swap between a couple of textures. These options would also affect some of the mods' textures. I hope that clears things up a bit more.
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