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    • Where are you calling this method? Did you follow the instructions in the documentation?
    • Thanks, i found out that there exist a extra class for translating strings to lang file strings I18n.format(string) will give the lang file string from input
    • i want to play the player a sound i tried that player.playSound(new SoundEvent(new ResourceLocation("random.explode")), 1f, 1f); i also used instead of random.explode other resourcelocations from the SoundEvents class but i dont get a sound returned
    • The way I'd go about doing this would be to just check to see if the shrines are there whenever anything important is happening, else said important thing doesn't happen.
    • Biome biome = event.world.getBiome(mPlayerState.mPosition); logMessage("biome: "+biome+ " tenp "+biome.getTemperature(mPlayerState.mPosition));   Checking the biome temp reports around 0.14 but I get the same low temps for rain and snow areas.   I'd figure snow would be at temps 32F/0C or below.   I might use the condition if the player is on snow covered block or snow tile at the player position.     boolean isRaining = false; boolean isSnowing = false; if (event.world.isRainingAt(mPlayerState.mPosition)) { BlockState blockState = event.world.getBlockState(mPlayerState.mPosition); if (blockState.getBlock() == Blocks.SNOW || blockState.getBlock() == Blocks.SNOW_BLOCK) { isSnowing = true; } else { Biome biome = event.world.getBiome(mPlayerState.mPosition); switch (biome.getPrecipitation()) { case RAIN: isRaining = true; break; case SNOW: isSnowing = true; break; } } }   This works well enough...    
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