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    • @Cerandior I think I got it, when your block drops the items in the inventory it checks if there is enough space left, if not then it doesn't add the blocks, for example: A chest has 8 empty slots (I repeat, it's just an example, a chest has more slots) while your block has 10 full slots. If you then try to transfer these 10 slots of items into the chest only 8 slots will be filled and the too many items will be dropped on the floor
    • This is likely because the alpha channel in your texture is not set-up properly, or because you did not enable transparency in model.   Are you using a custom renderer, or are you using a model.json file for this?   Please post the code of these files.
    • The whole thing is a mess really. The more I play around with it the more things I find that are wrong. I think the problem is at the part I get the item and empty slots of the inventories connected to it. I checked and the multi-block recognizes the inventories connected to it properly. Checked with various inventory blocks like a shulker box, chest, double chest. Doesn't matter, it always finds the correct inventories / tiles connected to it.   Is there anything blatantly wrong in this code? (getInventories() returns an arraylist of the connected inventories in the multiblock. As I mentioned before it is accurate and I don't think the problem is there) for(IInventory i : getInventories()){ for(int j=0; j<i.getSizeInventory(); j++){ Slot slot = new Slot(i, j, 0, 0); if(slot.getStack().isEmpty()){ emptySlots.add(slot); continue; } itemSlots.add(slot); } }
    • @Ugdhar Thanks for your feedback!   I made this, because I find that the dark forum-native highlighting is not very well optimized.  I used this post to test some changes I have made to the css and I have now submitted a Pull Request to have the changes applied to the forum here:   https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Web/pull/5    The title is partially based on this famous reddit post, which was once the most upvoted post there, but I also wrote title that because this post is not really all that important and should be ignored https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/92dd8/test_post_please_ignore/
    • RenderPlayerEvent gives you access to the following fields:     public PlayerRenderer getRenderer() public float getPartialRenderTick() public MatrixStack getMatrixStack() public IRenderTypeBuffer getBuffers() public int getLight() These should be more than enough to do your own rendering.   Using these is basically the same as any other custom entity renderer.
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