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    • I am currently in the process of updating many of my mods from 1.8.9 to 1.15.2 and am trying to figure out how to setup the same main/api code structure that existed in previous versions.   This is currently how I have the packages setup.   EnancedMC is the main mod that I wish to run and the ClearVisualsMod is a mod I wish to run along side EnhancedMC as a reference-able API.   When I run the game through eclipse, only the EnhancedMC mod gets loaded and the ClearVisualsMod does not.   My question is, how can I get my mod ClearVisuals to load alongside EnhancedMC?   I am running on: -Forge: 1.15.2-31.1.14 -Eclipse: 2020-03 M2 (4.15.0M2) -Java: JavaSE-jre1.8.0_241   Any help would be appreciated.
    • Now it works. But now i have a problem with my newest entity, that has limbs:   I tried theese two variants of the limbSwing-calculation: this.bone3.rotateAngleX = 0.5235988f + MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 5.0f) * 1.4f * limbSwingAmount; this.bone4.rotateAngleX = -0.5235988f + -(MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 5.0f) * 1.4f * limbSwingAmount); this.bone5.rotateAngleX = -0.5235988f + -(MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 5.0f) * 1.4f * limbSwingAmount); this.bone6.rotateAngleX = 0.5235988f + MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 5.0f) * 1.4f * limbSwingAmount; this.bone3.rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 0.6662F + (float)Math.PI) * 1.4F * limbSwingAmount; this.bone4.rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 0.6662F) * 1.4F * limbSwingAmount; this.bone5.rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 0.6662F) * 1.4F * limbSwingAmount; this.bone6.rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 0.6662F + (float)Math.PI) * 1.4F * limbSwingAmount; With the first set, one front leg stays more bended forward and the other backward, the hind-legs the same. And with the seccond one, the legs move very slow and not very far(it looks more like gliding, than walking).   It´s a small character with short legs. I want the legs move faster to fit the walking-speed and bend about 45° to the front and rear from the vertical main-pose. How most i change theese lines?
    • Trying to create a custom recipe for my mod. I got this error. It's shapeless so I'm not sure why it says its missing a JsonArray.   I have other recipes that aren't working but this is just the first one with an error that I've seen.
    • Version 1.9 is not supported here mate, Update to a newer version.
    • Is there a way to make a mod click or shit click a slot? if yes anyone can give me the code please 
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