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    • You can make your own IRecipeSerializer and then use the type field in your recipe JSON to select that serializer. I don't have any examples atm but you can seach for what others have done.
    • I am using Galacticraft and Galaxy Space together, but when I select a planet to land on the screen flickers between the galactic map and the loading screen. I have tried different versions (for 1.12.2) of both mods.
    • Hello and thanks in advance for helping me!   I have never played Minecraft before and recently I found that Pixelmon seemed to be a lot of fun so I decided to install it. I followed their instruction (i.e. install Minecraft --> Forge --> Pixelmon) however a weird thing happened on both my mac and windows.   After I put the pixelmon mod inside the mods folder and run the game, no Pixelmon showed in the mod list so I went back to the Minecraft folder and found there was a new mods folder inside that previous mods folder (along with "config", "logs", "resourcepacks" and "saves" folders, please see attached screenshot). So then I tried to put the mod inside that "new" mods folder and run the game again, guess what another mods folder showed inside that "new" mods folder and so the process went on. It was like Russian dolls if you know what I mean.   I have downloaded the newest version of Minecraft and tried two versions of Forge with it (1.14.4-28.1.0 and 1.12.2- but same thing happened both times. I also tried a different mod "twilight forest" and same thing happened again. I have only found one post on internet that had the same problem but that one was not resolved.   So I really don't know what I should do now and really hope you can please point me some directions for my next step.   Thank you so much again and hope you have a good day/night! debug.log
    • Supposing I wanted to change the way all numbers are displayed, is there any feasible way to go about this at present?   Not talking about a font, but say if I wanted to display everything in a different number base, is there a sensible way to go about it?   For example, in a standard Java application, usually it would be governed by the NumberFormat, which I could conceivably replace by providing a LocaleProvider. Does Minecraft happen to behave as a good citizen in this regard?  
    • You're calling new on an object that likely does not have equals overridden, which means that the two will never be equal. You will need to iterate over the array and remove it via identification.
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