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    • Maybe you are right, I should use the TexturedParticle. I want to create a lighting circle and don't think i need the TexturedParticle for this, that's why I don't use the TexturedParticle.
    • Ah unfortunately all my Particle code is textured particles using the Sprite particle renderer. One thing I am a bit confused on is why you are registering particle data and have a custom Particle type class when you can simply use the default BasicParticleType
    • @hiotewdew Thanks for replying. I add the lineWidth to my IParticleRenderType. public class ObsidianParticleRenderType implements IParticleRenderType { public static final ObsidianParticleRenderType INSTANCE = new ObsidianParticleRenderType(); @Override public void beginRender(BufferBuilder bufferBuilder, TextureManager textureManager) { RenderSystem.lineWidth(10.0F); RenderSystem.disableLighting(); RenderSystem.disableDepthTest(); RenderSystem.disableCull(); RenderSystem.enableBlend(); RenderSystem.defaultBlendFunc(); bufferBuilder.begin(GL11.GL_LINE_STRIP, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_COLOR); } @Override public void finishRender(Tessellator tessellator) { tessellator.draw(); } } But It's still not working. Could you give some example code?
    • Thank you very much for everything
    • Hi, Im a french guy and i want to create mod for me and my friend, So i try to create a very simple mod for testing. I following a lot of modding tutorial in 1.15 in English and Spanish but i encountered the same problem every time and .... CA COMMENCE A ME SAOULER 😂 -> Sorry, a french  expression 😆..   So, the problem is a texture problem : When i start the game (with runClient in EclipseJava), the textures of new blocks ... there a not texture 😆     The src code :    Main class : BlockInit class : assets/tutorialmod/blockstates/example_block.json : assets/tutorialmod/lang/en_us.json : assets/tutorialmod/models/block/example_block.json : assets/tutorialmod/texture/blocks/example_block.png: .... here, an 16x16 image   The Package Explorer :   When place the block, there are not texture but the ItemBlock has the good texture and the good name.... And there are not error in the console.... Its craaaazzzzyyyyyy.... I not understand anything....     I have been trying that for 2 months and 3 weeks. I need your help pleaaase,  Im Going CRAZYY 😂 Thanks
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