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    • Hi, I'm currently evaluating the best way of adding large structures (>5 chunks in diameter) to a custom void dimension. I have one structure that only exists once in the dimension (a kind of entry fortress where you teleport in) and also additional structures repeating with some kind of minimum distance between them. All of the structures will have a prerecorded pattern and are not procedural generated.   Is it best practice to use the structure system from vanilla for such things, or should I just generate them with a custom ChunkGenerator and ignore the structure system.   I also thought about ignoring runaway chunk generation issues for the once in dimension structure as it should be loaded entirely by the first player to port in anyway.     Additionally I found this older thread here, are these points still valid for 1.15?
    • You don't, its client specific code. To which client? Each player connected to the server is a different client.   Also, Read the Docs https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.15.x/networking/
    • The Blood Moon is here! Connect now @ play.DeadMC.com   The Blood Moon update is here! With this update, we introduce brand new exciting features, including; 4 NEW special zombies, a Blood Moon every 4 nights, a NEW special item, and many more awesome subtle features!   New zombies:   Watch out for Climbers! If they dont need to climb over a wall, they'll be chasing and lunging at you! Climbers have a rare chance of dropping Climbing Boots. Climbing Boots drop with a random durability and feather-falling enchantments. These boots let you climb up walls! While wearing the boots, you will climb walls that you are facing. You can also jump/latch onto walls without taking damage (eg. if you're falling). They will degrade over time with use, or if you're damaged. These multi-purpose boots make it very handy for battling through tight situations, or even when building (who needs scaffolding?!) You can currently purchase NON-DEGRADING boots for $0.87 with 75% off at www.DeadMC.com/ranks.   The Destructors are deadly! Pierce with their projectiles, and temporarily destroy blocks around you. This lets zombies pile into your defences. Obsidian may be the answer to your prayers...   Bombers are sneaky, agile, and out to get you! Quick and agile, these flamin' baby zombies are more explosive then you could imagine! Don't get too close, or they'll cause havoc to your surroundings (temporarily).   Guns blazin' Phantoms! (Blood Moon only) These creatures pop in and out of the sky at unexpected times, shooting lethal fireballs! Get your bow and arrow out, cos' you'll need it! Blood Moon:   Get ready to SURVIVE & THRIVE in the Blood Moon nights!   Every 4th night is the Blood Moon - with lots more zombies and different types of zombies. There is a notification bar warning players when the Blood Moon will be, and when it's over. There is a Live Leaderboard of the Blood Moon leaders (the players with the most kills). Each kill increases the loot pot. The player at the end with the highest score will be rewarded with the entire loot pot. Blood Moon kills and leader-titles are now a part of leaderboards. Staff Promotions:   We are happy to announce that SirNinjaHusky joined the staff team this past week. Also a big congratulations to dogluver (Godly) for joining the staff team today!   ----   What’s in the works for DeadMC? Introduce a wider range of tasks, and further balancing of current tasks More special item loot Player owned shops & auctions A free to play ranking system - earn reward points to level up. Spend your points in the shop with special items, abilities and features
    • Not sure if you already fix the problem or not, but there's always a "warning" when some error happened in the resources such as model/texture/blockstate not found... etc. I also don't think any of the blockstate file you've tried is with the correct format in 1.15. Try this:   { "variants": { "": { "model": "examplemod:block/example_block"} } }  
    • 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
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