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    • Server IP: play.ggmc.me   A variety gamemode server specializing in OP Skyblock and Prison (1.8-1.15)   ►About Us Good Gaming Inc. is a publicly traded company specializing in Minecraft servers. Our team has been working together to bring innovative and unique games to Minecraft for four years now, reaching millions of unique players across our lifetime.   All of our servers are built on high quality machinery with enterprise grade DDOS protection. We are currently deploying a full overhaul of our network which represents the culmination of everything we've learned in Minecraft over the years. There's no better time to get involved!   Our greatest accomplishment has been building our legacy upon a completely anti-pay-to-win microtransaction model, something that is still incredibly rare among SkyBlock and Prison servers.   ►OP Skyblock Spring Launching April 1st. Is OP Skyblock Spring! It is packed with dozens of new exciting features and continues updates. Besides our extensive work to bring a plethora of gameplay additions to the core SkyBlock experience, we have also implemented a new anti-cheat system which specializes in catching cheaters without interrupting our player experience.     Free Fly!!! Kits - Over 20 unlockable kits that contain OP gear & blocks to enhance the SkyBlock experience. MCMMO - The famous RPG lover's mod has a place on SkyBlock, introducing a slew of new skills and gameplay elements. Spawners - From chickens to creepers to giants, there are over 16 different mob spawners to be acquired! Custom mob drops - Ghasts drop diamonds, Creepers drop iron, Giants drop emeralds, Mooshrooms give extra XP, and more! Custom items - More than a dozen of extraordinary custom items, from XP Hopper to Blockframes and automatically selling chests.  Item Shop - Featuring a fabulous in-game item shop to buy/sell a ton of different blocks, drops, and spawners. Leaderboards - As with all of our games, we have a leaderboards system for many different gameplay aspects. Now with island levels!     ►MMO Prison  MMO Prison is our most recent innovation in the Prison space. This ambitious project is being designed to be an MMO RPG which draws inspiration from World of Warcraft and other popular MMOs. As we speak MMO Prison is in a public alpha, showing promising results as we work together with our community to perfect it.     Different Sides - Masters of Shadows and Keepers of Light are our two sides you can choose from, with different quests and an entire different map. Commandless Design - Prison MMO uses easy to reach menus; no more remembering loads of commands. Custom Enchants - Our custom enchants take mining and PvP to a whole nother level.  Questing - Complete quests to rank up, prestige, and progress through the open world. Minions - Utilize special pokemon-like minions which help you mine and fight. Bosses - Battle custom bosses for epic loot! Dungeons - How far can you go? Complete dungeons with incrementing difficulty in true Minecraft rogue-like fashion. Leveling & Leaderboards - Show your dominance on our global leaderboards for a variety of achievements, such as account level and dungeons completed!   ►Resources Server IP: play.ggmc.me Official Discord Server: http://ggmc.me/discord Store: https://store.good-gaming.com/  
    • You haven't provided a useful log yet. Start the launcher and recreate the issue, then close the launcher and send the log.
    • I know, I said this:   There: public class Items { public static final MobBallItem MOB_BALL = new MobBallItem(); }  
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