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    • If you’re interested in a modpack with a little bit of tech, a little bit of magic, and a lot of adventure, I would love for you to try out my modpack Stonecage. Stonecage takes mods you might have seen before (and many you might not have), and adds a twist to them to make them fresh again. The main gimmick of the pack is that it makes stone unmineable, meaning you’ll have to explore caves and dungeons the way they were intended, and find solutions to problems you never knew existed. It aims to be a hardcore pack that’s more fair than most, and leaves you to seek combat and adventure on your own terms. While you may start out weak, you’ll find magical artifacts known as curios in your adventures that can be crafted into powerful baubles that will help you in combat and elsewhere. You’ll also find pieces of ancient machines that with research can be deciphered and put back together, bringing industry back to a world that has long been without it. The pack is heavily centered around researching these lost machines, and the research table will guide you through the modpack while giving you more freedom than a quest book would. With a small, curated list of mods, most computers will likely be able to run it, and the many, many lines of scripting keep these mods integrated into what feels like a cohesive whole. If this sounds like fun to you, I encourage you to check it out. If you do, I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did creating it.
    • Hi I just downloaded forge and every time i try to load it, it crashes. I have tried 1.14.4 - 28.1.0 and 1.14.4 - 28.1.106. It crashes with both versions. I couldn't figure out how to upload the crash files, could somebody explain how I can do that?
    • What's everyone's favorite ways mods tend to intertwine and kinda synergize? I got a couple from older packs but I've been outta the game a while. Mine comes to a tie, between Rotarycraft and Tinker's and old Railcraft and the big reactors mod.
    • I would recommend creating a custom ItemEntity for your custom item, and return an instance of your ItemEntity in Item#createEntity (as well as override Item#hasCustomEntity to return true). With this approach you can simply check for water in your EntityItem’s update method.
    • This is not the complaint thread.  I'll leave that one to somebody else.   It is, though, a question for those more familiar with the upcoming changes than I -- and all I know is what I read on Twitter.  Is my time going to be better served by putting aside any further FastTESR / particle / GUI (?) changes and work on other aspects of the mod instead?   Stuff changes.  I get that.  And if it is a change for the better, that's not a bad thing.  But just the same, I don't want to spend a whole lot of time over the weekend working on something that's going to be discarded days later.   Tks!
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