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    • FTB Continuum is a 1.12.2 pack, which is out of support.   The supported versions, 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 have parallel mod loading, which speeds up loading SUBSTANTIALLY.   And are we going to get into the amount of disk space such a system would eventually build up to? I don't feel like periodically cleaning my disk of cached texture atlases, especially since different packs with the same mods would cause a new atlas set to be cached, and a resource pack change would cause a re-cache, and pack devs would see their test installation bloat with every mod added to the pack.   To be honest to me it sounds like effort that would save maybe a second or two of loading at the cost of disk space. I'd rather wait a couple seconds.
    • So instead you're going to spend energy fixing problems caused by not setting things up properly.   Enjoy, I guess?
    • (Note that Y and Z are swapped in Minecraft) Now check your code again.
    • See the benchmark below. I think you are very wrong.     1.) That Is really not something that a mod should have access to. 2.) Like in Minecraft, the easter eggs are still in the game and loaded even when it is not present. Same concept flies here. 3.) That's why you hash the textures as well, not just the mod versions and names   If the textures change, the jar changes, and the hash will be different.   Ok! Here's my script that can load, hash ,and unload mod files in 356ms(+/- 40ms) on my computer, using the mods for the Feed-The-Beast Continuum modpack, during which the texture stitching takes 34.5 seconds, with 500ms of  human error.   import java.io.IOException; public class ShaHasher {     public static void main(String[] args) {         String cmd = "7z h -scrcSHA1 mods";         String result = "";         long timeStart = System.currentTimeMillis();         try {             result = execCmd(cmd);         } catch (IOException e) {             e.printStackTrace();         }         System.out.println(result);         System.out.println("^^^CMD OUTPUT^^^");         System.out.println("Extracted SHA1 for data only: "+ getSHAContents(result));         System.out.println("Extracted SHA1 for data and names: "+ getSHAContentsAndNames(result));                  System.out.print("Time taken: ");         long timeStop = System.currentTimeMillis();         System.out.print(timeStop-timeStart);         System.out.println(" ms.");              }     public static String getSHAContents(String toExtractFrom) {         int loc = toExtractFrom.indexOf("SHA1   for data:");         loc +=16;         while(toExtractFrom.charAt(loc) == ' ') {             loc++;         }         int end = loc;         while(toExtractFrom.charAt(end) != '\n') {             end++;         }         return toExtractFrom.substring(loc,end-1);     }          public static String getSHAContentsAndNames(String toExtractFrom) {         int loc = toExtractFrom.indexOf("SHA1   for data and names:");         loc +=26;         while(toExtractFrom.charAt(loc) == ' ') {             loc++;         }         int end = loc;         while(toExtractFrom.charAt(end) != '\n') {             end++;         }         return toExtractFrom.substring(loc,end-1);     }          public static String execCmd(String cmd) throws java.io.IOException {         Process proc = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd);         java.io.InputStream is = proc.getInputStream();         java.util.Scanner s = (new java.util.Scanner(is)).useDelimiter("\\A");         String val = "";         if (s.hasNext()) {             val = s.next();         }         else {             val = "";         }         s.close();         return val;     } }   here is the output of the program. https://pastebin.com/7mTLdmkq   What else can I benchark for ya?  
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