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    • Data is already saved and processed through the plugin.  Roughly speaking, in the database I have the level and experience of the player, and I need to display this text through the mod on the screen
    • I keep a database with the game data of the players.
    • Hello Everyone, I am new here and I want to know the flow chart of some applications and components if artificial intelligence like machine learning, natural language processing. I am exploring more information about AI and trends for AI. Can anyone suggest me some reference where I can explore more thinks about AI applications and what is AI exactly?
    • It sounds like you are creating a jar mod by manually modifying the game files. This is discouraged, as it would cause severe incompatibilities with other mods. In fact, jar modding is not supported on this forum.   In your case, you are trying to replace game files. This will fundamentally break Forge (and any other modifications to the game), resulting in not working with any other mods (even other jar mods).
    • The collision and bounding box of a block can only be 16*16*16 pixels. To create a double wide block, you will need two blocks. Take a look at how vanilla bed/door handles it.
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