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    • I tried to implement this by modifing the container on GuiOpenEvent and PlayerContainerEvent.Open  but i sadly discovered that  PlayerContainerEvent.Open doesn't fire for the Container of the player then how can i say "when i press E open my container"?    Here is the code of events: @SubscribeEvent public static void onDolphinContainerOpen(PlayerContainerEvent.Open event) { // Never fires :C ServerPlayerEntity playerEntity = (ServerPlayerEntity) event.getPlayer(); if(playerEntity.getRidingEntity() instanceof RidableDolphinEnitity) { RidableDolphinEnitity dolphin = (RidableDolphinEnitity) playerEntity.getRidingEntity(); playerEntity.openContainer = new RidableDolphinContainer(playerEntity.currentWindowId, playerEntity.inventory, dolphin.getInventory()); } } @SubscribeEvent public static void onDolphinGuiOpen(GuiOpenEvent event) { if(event.getGui() instanceof ContainerScreen) { ClientPlayerEntity player = Minecraft.getInstance().player; if (player != null && player.getRidingEntity() instanceof RidableDolphinEnitity) { RidableDolphinEnitity dolphin = (RidableDolphinEnitity) player.getRidingEntity(); if(!(event.getGui() instanceof RidableDolphinScreen)) { ContainerScreen<?> oldScreen = (ContainerScreen) event.getGui(); Container oldContainer = oldScreen.getContainer(); RidableDolphinContainer container = new RidableDolphinContainer(oldContainer.windowId, player.inventory, dolphin.getInventory()); RidableDolphinScreen screen = new RidableDolphinScreen(container, player.inventory, dolphin.getDisplayName()); player.openContainer = container; event.setGui(screen); } } } }  
    • I need help. I programmed my mod and made it in the mods folder on my server and everything started fine. But if a player joint comes this message and you will be kicked out. Here is the message: ,, Requires version 1.0.0 but mod is not found on client. " Thank you!
    • Hello partners. I have a Forge server with the following mods:   https://i.ibb.co/Hz29N2F/Sin-t-tulo-1.png   Server Log and debug:   latest.log debug.log   Client:   debug.log latest.log   The main problem I have is loading chunks, many times playing on my server I find places like this:     Pressing "F3 + A" is corrected, but as I continue advancing on the map it appears more times.    Another thing happens to me, I don't know if it is normal, but when I start Minecraft with Forge and mods, sometimes I get the message "Not responding" and it takes a long time to load. Is it normal for having about 70 mods? Thank you for your attention!.
    • ObfuscationReflectionHelper  did the trick! Also I'll take that to my attention! Thanks a lot
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