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    • Thank you so much I've been using your minecraftbyexample tutorial for half a year and it's been the most useful tutorial i've seen so far. I never saw the VoxelShapeHighlighter though. Anyways thank you for doing what you do and helping everyone learn minecraft modding.
    • So that was there from the example .toml file. The tutorial I watched didn't delete them (or at least I don't remember them doing so), so I didn't either. If I don't need them, I can remove them.   As for the crashing, it only crashed when I tried to add the dependency line to the gradle (which I removed to continue developing the mod). I figured out how to add the item library reference manually to the external library references without the gradle, but there are problems with this long-term. If I update or modify the itemlib, then I have to build a new .jar for it, and then delete the old reference in the blocklib. Then I have to change the path reference to the new .jar in the blocklib. I know there is a line you can add to the gradle to have it update the reference automatically for you, but I cannot figure out what that line is. This is the initial question I had. I apologize if I didn't explain that very well.   If the way I am doing it now to add the itemlib as a reference is the only way to do it, then that's fine(I guess I answered my own question). If not, then what line would I add to the gradle to have it add the reference for me? I have looked at the examples it lists, but they aren't very helpful.      
    • Hi Perhaps have a look at this code for inspiration https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample/blob/master/src/main/java/minecraftbyexample/usefultools/debugging/DebugBlockVoxelShapeHighlighter.java   you will also need MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(DebugBlockVoxelShapeHighlighter.class);   -TGG
    • You may find this info helpful https://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.com/2020/04/block-rendering-1144.html   Flickering normally means that you're trying to render two quads directly on top of each other (called 'z-fighting').  Remove one of the quads or move it slightly (say 0.001)   Is your block supposed to be translucent (like ice) or have holes (like glass block or leaves)?  The first one needs transparent layer, the second needs cutout layer.   -TGG    
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