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    • Before you try following any of the tutorials suggested above, I would like to point out how important it is that you either know Java, or know a similar programming language. You will have a Bad Time trying to make mods without some programming experience, and will quickly become frustrated if you do not know basic things like extending a class or overriding a method.   You will need a JDK https://adoptopenjdk.net/ (I would get the Java 8 hotspot) You will also need an IDE; Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA are the 2 most popular. Which is "best" is subjective and personal experience.   Once you have those 2 things, start googling "learn java" and/or "java tutorials". You will probably be making stupid useless little programs to begin with, but we all started there at some point.   I would work on Java for at least a week, then try following one of the tutorials mentioned. If you have no clue what any of the code means, then go back to Java and keep working on it, perhaps with a focus on the things you didn't understand following the forge tutorials.   You won't be making awesome mods overnight, but if you really WANT to make mods, all the information is out there, you just have to learn some stuff   Of course, this is all provided you don't already know Java. I was just guessing since your original question seemed to come from an area of inexperience.
    • I dont know how to fix this... help please
    • Please do not hijack someone elses thread. Create a new thread, and post relevant information to your issue, what you are trying to do, what happens (verbosely, not a summary or in your own words), and post logs/screenshots.   This will give you a much better chance of getting help than adding on to someone elses thread saying "me too".
    • You should really try using the forums search function. It works well, and would save you lots of time, especially for commonly asked questions I did a search for "shield", and found a solution in the first 4 links. (might be more than that now that I've posted on here)   Asking for help isn't bad, but give a go at finding your own solutions. The forums search and google are great , plus you don't have to wait for an answer
    • Pretty sure you don't need Forge for Optifine unless you're running other mods also. (At least that's not how I use it) You should be able to just open the Optifine jar and install it from there.
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