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    • hello, when I try to open minecraft 1.12.2 the tab closes as if it were going to open but suddenly something hapend   error
    • Bingo! After looking through the generic minecraft json format (on the game wiki) I found this worked!   I believe the issue was something like there was no property named "normal" (or whatever else) in my code for the block? Which would seem logical that it wouldn't work, I guess... So by just not calling it anything (as the mc wiki says you should for only one state) it works! Onwards and upwards to even more variants! Thanks!
    • 1.8 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
    • 1/29/2020 ============= Good evening ! Here's some changes:) - I added 2 new features to my plugin (ServerToolsPro) The changes are as follows: You can now report players by using /report <player> <reason> The command has a 2 hour cooldown to avoid spamming Any available staff member is going to get a notification after you successfuly reported a player. #Warning# Using the report command 'for fun' or to troll any staff members and making unreasonable reports in general will end up in you being Unable to use the command forever ! You probably noticed that our Player Slots are now 0/1 or 1/2 (Depending if someone is online or not) This is not a bug! This is my plugin's new feature and here's how it works: When no players are online the slots are going to show as 0/1, And of course you are going to be able to join After you joined the slots are then going to show as 1/2, Meaning they will keep increasing by 1 every time someone joins the server. Of course slots are unlimited and there's no limit of when the slots are going to get increased. Why is this good? 1) It looks awesome:) 2) Less slots = Less ram ! 3) It looks awesome:) 4) It looks awesome:) You also can no longer see which players are online by hovering with your mouse in the slots if you're on your server's list. Instead it is going to show my new amazing Hover text ! (Professional i know) - Added more items to the /shop Fixed a bug in the casino where you would always win an item no matter what Removed Kit Color and Kit Firework Battle Pass weekly missions are now more rewarding but a bit harder to do (Overall a buff) - Let me know what you guys think about these changes ! =============
    • Ah ok I'll see what I can find from that, but I'll probably have to do some more scouting around. Thanks anyway!
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