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    • When I try installing optifine everything works fine apparently, the message pops up that says its successfully been installed but whenever I check my minecraft profiles or versions there's no optifine profile/version, I've had this issue for years and honestly never had any luck fixing it. Sometimes ( very rarely) optifine will work and ill have profiles of it on certain versions of minecraft but even just to make those probably took me atleast a couple of hours of fiddling about with different optifine download, properties and other tedious stuff. Right now the highest optifine version I have is 1.10 but I really want it for 1.15 so I can play on certain servers, anyone came across this issue before and can help? This issue also seems to happen when I try installing forge but forge seems to be genuinely successful more often. Things I've tried to make this work is extracting it (says it worked successfully, I go to check the folder it should be in and nothing is there), updating my java, using jar fix, changing the type of file from like .jar to .(something else), downloading other mods/launchers that aren't the official minecraft launcher and probably more, like I said I've had this issue for a couple years and I honestly don't even remember everything I've tried. Of course I mightn't have done any of these successfully so if you know more than I do which you probably do please, Ill take any help I can get^
    • Hi, I am very new to modding so please excuse me if this is an obvious mistake. I am making a block that when it is broken, drops a random enchanted book, but when I try it is not enchanted, here is my entry: "type": "minecraft:item", "name": "minecraft:enchanted_book", "functions":[     { "function":"enchant_randomly" } ] Any help would be great, thanks!
    • Hi, I try to register a block with a custom model in Minecraft, but it appears as a full block (and the block under is invisible). I know that for the entities you have to create a class for the rendering and another the model. I don't know if it's the same for the blocks and if yes I don't know how to convert a JSON file for the model that I made with Blockbench into java class.   Thanks for your help.   Note: I found that in past version there were the functions isOpaqueCube() and isFullCube() that you were overriding but today in 1.15 with voxel it changed but I couldn't find a tutorial on it.
    • I already have a basic understanding of how Java functions. I can get around alright in a Java environment. I guess I just never heard "constructor" before. One problem that I may have is that I can't learn Java well with anything except Forge. I only learn well when I'm doing something I find interesting, and the boring, drawling, here's-this-now-go-use-it tutorials you usually find never teach me anything I'll remember. I'll end up learning Forge faster if I just learn to use Forge than if I spend forever scurrying around trying to find the smallest shred of a good resource for Java.
    • Whenever the server starts up it instantly shuts down and sends back this log message (1).txt
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