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Tutorial Series

These sets of tutorials are packaged together and are of Beginner and Intermediate difficulty.

All Tutorials

Minecraft Forge client video installation tutorials playlist (includes both PC and Mac tutorials): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnpPguhVZMItSgWX8g8NFTq_rYrElxZ96

Minecraft Forge server video installation tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLQTQYkbJfM

Tutorials Difficulty Max Version Min Version
Tessellator Advanced
Tutorials/Blaster Rifle part 3 Advanced
Synchronizing tile entities Advanced
Use a HashMap for Channel Detection Advanced
Custom Creative Tabs Beginner Current 1.4.6
Basic Modding Beginner Current 1.4.6
Plants Beginner Current 1.4.6
Basic Items Beginner Current 1.4.6
Releasing Mods Beginner Current 1.4.6
Metadata Based Subblocks Beginner Current 1.4.6
How to use the ore dictionary Beginner
How to add an Achievement Beginner
Using The BiomeDictionary Beginner
Item Rendering Concepts Beginner
Crafting and Smelting Beginner Current 1.4.6
Icons and Textures Beginner Current 1.4.6
Custom 2D Inventory Item Renderer Beginner Current 1.5
Block Rendering Concepts Beginner
Tutorials/Releasing Mods Beginner
Reference Mod File Beginner
Gui Overlay Beginner Current 1.5.2
How to add an AchievementPage Beginner
Basic Blocks Beginner Current 1.4.6
Bonemeal For Forge 1.3.2 Beginner
Tutorials/World Generation Beginner Current 1.4.6
Sounds For Forge 1.3.2 Beginner
Server Command Beginner Current 1.5.2
How to install Forge & an external API Beginner
Basic Tile Entity Beginner
Localizing Beginner Current 1.4.6
Tile Entities Beginner Current 1.4.6
How to make an advanced configuration file Beginner
Modelling in Techne Beginner
Tutorials/Blaster Rifle part 2 Intermediate
Using Access Transformers Intermediate
Rendering a Techne Model as a Block Intermediate
How to use NBT Tag Compound Intermediate
Custom Tile Entity Renderer Intermediate
Netty Packet Handling Intermediate Current 1.7.2
Github & jenkins buildsystem Intermediate Current Current
Mob Tut (1.6.2) Intermediate Current 1.6.2
Multiple blocks structures Intermediate
Multiple Pass Render Blocks Intermediate
Create a Fluid Intermediate Current 1.6.2
Developing Addons for Existing Mods Intermediate
Scala Intermediate
… further results
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