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Minecraft Forge is a Minecraft application programming interface (API) which allows almost maximum compatibility between other Forge mods. It contains a clean room rewrite of RML (Risugami's Modloader) which allows compatibility with modloader mods. It contains hooks into the base Minecraft files that allows modders to make their mods more advanced without editing base classes.


Minecraft Forge

  • Set Armor Properties
  • Advanced Configuration Files
  • Add Dimensions
  • Add Enums
  • Add Armor Texture Handlers
  • Add Bow Event Handlers
  • Add Bonemeal Event Handlers
  • Add Bucket Event Handlers
  • Chunk Loading Management
  • Add Redstone Event Handlers
  • Add Destroyed Tool Event Handlers
  • Add Entity Interaction Event Handlers
  • Advanced GUI Management
  • Add Highlight Event Handlers
  • Add Hoe Event Handlers
  • Add Item Renderer Event Handlers
  • Add Minecart Collision Handlers
  • Add Minecart Event Handlers
  • Add Multipass Renderer Event Handlers
  • Allows ores to be shared between mods
  • Add Block Replace Event Handlers
  • Add Render Context Event Handlers
  • Add World Renderer Event Handlers
  • Add Save Event Handlers
  • Add Shearable Event Handlers
  • Add Sided Inventory Handlers
  • Add Sleep Handlers
  • Add Spawn Handlers
  • Add Special Armor Handlers
  • Add Special Resistance Event Handlers
  • Add Infinite Sprite Overrides
  • Add Texture Provider Event Handlers
  • Add Throwable Entity Handlers
  • Add Plants
  • Add Seeds
  • Set Tool Classes
  • Set Block Harvest Levels
  • Remove Block Effectiveness
  • Add/Remove Dungeon Loot
  • Add/Remove Dungeon Mobs
  • Liquid API
  • 4096 Block IDs

Forge Mod Loader

  • Allow mods to use the ASM, Argo and Guava libraries
  • Highly advanced ModLoader/ModLoaderMP replacement
  • Packet Handler Management
  • Add Crafting Handlers
  • Add Chat Handlers
  • Add Connection Handlers
  • Add Pickup Handlers


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