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In this tutorial I explain how to install an API & Forge so that when you reobfuscate your code you don't end up with the API files in /reobf/ .

These only work if the API doen't edit basefiles!!

Method 1

You start by getting a fresh MCP as per usual. I assume you know you need to make a backup of your src or just start over in another folder. This includes fresh .jars!

Get a fresh Forge Source zip, and unzip that inside your MCP folder. Don't run the install script just yet.

Inside the 'forge' folder there is a folder called 'src', that's where you need to put the source of the API. Make sure you put the client stuff in the client folder and the server stuff in the server folder!

If you run the install script now, the API will get installed along with forge, and when you run 'reobfuscate' or 'getchangedsrc' the API won't be included.

--Dries007 12:13, 6 August 2012 (PDT)

Method 2

You should have already downloaded the APIs you need.

Extract the files.

Copy them into MCP/src/minecraft OR/AND MCP/src/common

Move your mod source files to another folder, such as Desktop.

Go to your MCP folder and run the updatemd5 script. (this is very important!)

Put your source back into MCP/src/minecraft OR/AND MCP/src/common

Develop as usual. Luacs1998 05:23, 13 August 2012 (PDT)

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