Another tip, at least what i use in my installation:

I always point every profile to a subfolder in .minecraft. In case i've created a "profiles" folder inside .minecraft, and inside it i create a folder for every profile   For example:
  .minecraft |_versions |_profiles
    |_1.12.2_forge     |_default (the default profile the new Mojang launcher adds)
    |_snapshot (the default profile the new Mojang launcher adds if you enable snapshots support)     |_1.7.10_my_olde_modpack   And then in every profile i set the game directory option to the associated profiles subfolder (FULL PATH): (ie. C:\Users\myuser\AppData\.minecraft\profiles\1.12.2_forge)     Its far more better to manage profiles via that and less prone to errors when updating the MC/Forge version (just create another profile (ie. Forge 1.12.2) and create a equivalent subfolder for that (.minecraft/profiles/forge_1.12.2), and then point that directory to the game directory option in the said profile) than just let minecraft shove the profile files in the .minecraft root. If you does that only assets, versions and the launcher profiles.json wil be stored right on root.