Hi guys, I want to know in my KeyInputEvent which is the key pressed without write a code like this: int n = 0; if(KeyBindings.left.isPressed()){ //EXAMPLE CODE n = 1; }else if(KeyBindings.right.isPressed()){ //EXAMPLE CODE n = 2; }else if(KeyBindings.up.isPressed()){ //EXAMPLE CODE n = 3; }else if(KeyBindings.down.isPressed()){ //EXAMPLE CODE n = 4; }else if(KeyBindings.back.isPressed()){ //EXAMPLE CODE n = 5; } because I need to check on ALL the key bindings (even to vanilla ones).   Is there a method to get this information from the event argument or can I get a list of all registered KeyBinding?   Add: I've tryied with  Set<String> binds = KeyBinding.getKeybinds(); for (String bind : binds) { System.out.println(bind); } but I can only see the categories: key.categories.misc