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Author Topic: Forge 12.18.2 Minecraft 1.10.2  (Read 18122 times)

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Forge 12.18.2 Minecraft 1.10.2
« on: October 09, 2016, 01:12:25 am »
Forge Version: 1.10.2-
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2

We are back from Minecon! Lots of news for those who are in the know. Lots of work to do for new features. But for the average user we are chugging along as normal. So its time for another 1.10.2 Recomended build!

Most notible features of this RB is:
EnergySystem: A template/simple energy system that modders can implement and extend.

LifeCycle events: We have been for a while, and this is another step. Moving twards a data driven modding system. Modders PLEASE use these events to register anything to a registery. So we can keep track of what mod is doing what correctly. And so you can be sure you're doing it in the correct place! No more ambiguity over what events are for what!

Minecraft Forge 12.18.2 Changelog:
  • Support for @SubscribeEvent on static methods.
  • Warning for mods who are not using lowercased mod ids, this is prep for 1.11
  • Added shouldCauseBlockBreakReset callback to Item
  • Added CreateFluidSourceEvent to control infinite fluid sources
  • Added RenderSpecificHandEvent
  • Added hook for custom detector rail outputs
  • Added location sensitive version of Block.getSoundType
  • Exposed vanilla brewing recipe registration
  • Added ability for CommandEvent to edit parameter size
  • Added config option to disable Forge's fix of Stair/Slab face culling.
  • Added RenderTooltipEvent
  • Removed ability to store mods in JAVA_HOME.. seriously don't do it
  • Added PlayerBrewedPotionEvent
  • Added Capabilities support to Worlds
  • Added hook to allow custom blocks to change beacon beam color
  • Added player and state sensitive version of getHarvestLevel
  • Added new standerdized Energy system using Capabilities
  • Added utility class to cleaning up Commands with sub-commands
  • Added event to allow mutating babys when they spawn
  • Added support for offhand bow animations
  • Added support for Generics in event handlers
  • Added new lifecycle events to explicitly dictate when a modder should create/register their items/blocks/etc.. USE THIS MODDERS
  • Added @EventBusSubscriber, to automatically register a class to the Forge event bus

Bug Fix:
  • Performance improvements in EventBus
  • Fixed async race condition when generating new chunks
  • Fixed remapping issue in relation to mixins
  • Fixed hotkey with default modifier loading wrong when modifier set to NONE
  • Forced mipmapping even with improperly sized textures
  • Fixed vanilla bug with blockstats not saving correctly during world reloads
  • Fixed duplicate stat id errors when using substitutions
  • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundException when crashes happen in short stacks
  • Fixed sound issue when exiting world with sounds paused
  • Fixed breaking models not taking extended state into account
  • Fixed NeighborNotifyEvent not containing the piston facing direction
  • Fixed vanilla bug where tipped arrows would not apply instant effects
  • Fixed AnvilRepairEvent having slots incorrectly labeled
  • Fixed Biome Decorate event not being fired for certian instances
  • Many Fixes related to subsitutions in the registry system
  • Fixed issue where blocks would not save if they are in extended states in-world
  • Fixed Forge fluids not serializing properly
  • Fixed IVertexConsumer not propogating textures
  • Fixed race condition when vanilla clients connect
  • Fixed stairs culling incorrectly due to non-extended states
  • Fixed bug that allowed overriding the splash logo in the splash screen
  • Fixed Fire not using getFireSpreadSpeed
  • Fixed dispensers destroying fluid handler blocks
  • Fixed WHITE texture's size
  • Fixed BakedQuads propogate diffuse lighting
  • Fixed itemstacks loosing capabilities in InventoryHelper
  • Fixed leather armor overlay not rendering when armor is pure white
  • Fixed crash when sending packets to machines
  • Fixed vanilla bug in BlockFalling that caused blocks to loose state info during world gen
  • Fixed custom enchantment sources not spawning particles
  • Fixed SHRROM event being fired for both small and big shrooms
  • Fixed item use stats being registered incorrectly
  • Fixed StructreBlock's borders not rendering correctly in edge cases
  • Fixed edge case with EntityMountEvent
  • Fixed typo with getMaxSpawnPackSize
  • Fixed cactus being able to be planted on incorrect soil
  • Fixed ItemStack serializing caps when empty
  • Fixed potential shading issue in GuiEditArrayEntries
  • Fixed universal bucket not being returned in crafting recipes
  • Fixed debug command creating empty file
  • Fixed biome specific flowers not working correctly with bonemeal
  • Fixed oredict issue with BoneBlocks
  • Fixed roofed forests posting incorrect event for mushrooms
  • Fixed typo in sky rendering that caused performance degredation
  • Fixed caseSensitiveCustomCategories not being set correctly in configs
  • Fixed unbound keybindings being activeated by unknown keys

On the Contribution of an RF-lite Energy System: "Energy"
Forge has acquired an Energy system, after many years of debate on the topic. The prevalence of the RF API has warranted the inclusion of a similar (but simpler) implementation to forge for 1.10.2 and onwards.
Those who wish to use an RF like API, feel free to use it. If you don't want to think about Energy, but know you need it, you can use it *if you wish*. If you want to interoperate with other energy systems, feel free to use this to broker with them.

On Diversity in Energy Systems
Forge has always supported diversity in energy-like systems. If you have a burning desire to simulate electricity flow in all it's glory, we fully support you and look forward to playing your mod. If you wish to have pneumatic power, we have no objections, and would love to see your wonderful creations. If you have a power system of your own devising that is simply beyond our imagination, please, blow us away.

On Modder Obligations
As a modder, you are under *no* obligation to use or support the forge Energy system. If anyone, user, mod-pack maker or even us, tells you otherwise, refer them to this statement. The Forge energy system is not intended to supplant diversity in energy systems. It is not intended to be one-size-fits-all. The choice to support it, is the choice of the modder.
If you don't know how to run a java file you're a moron and should watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6uMF-PjGT4
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Paypal: LexManos@gmail.com (Again added on request)


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