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Author Topic: Forge 3.1.2 Minecraft 1.2.5  (Read 580852 times)

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Forge 3.1.2 Minecraft 1.2.5
« on: April 23, 2012, 07:34:51 am »
Forge Version:
Minecraft Version: 1.2.5
Dependencies: ModLoader 1.2.5
Code: [Select]
Minecraft Forge 3.1.2 Changelog:
Updated to FML #68

BugFix: Fixed spawning in custom dimensions
BugFix: Multi-renderpass items now get proper render pass number
BugFix: Fixed tile entity bug causing ghost tile entites in some cases
BugFix: Fixed BlockFire's old fields to have proper frerences to there replacements (fixes some non-forge mod's that use reflection)
BugFix: Fixed vinella bug that caused crashes when chunks were generated with Blocks > 127
BugFix?: Client dist now includes MinecraftApplet because users herpa-derped a lot when installing and kept deleting that file. Should cut down on stupid support requests from failed instalations.

Misc: Cleaned up Forge Entity spawn code to include DataWatcher data, and not use the (World, double, double, double) constructor anymore.
Misc: Better functionality with PlayerAPI

New: Split Minecart slope physics function out to be overrided
New: Helper function for checking block harvest level
New: Entity Radius variable for large entity collisions
New: Added system for having Pages in the Achivement GUI
New: 'Small' data payload for NetworkMods that uses Packet 131, Not recomended for average use, just for things that need quick small packets.
New: Generic send packet functions in the MinecraftForge class to facilitate sending packets..
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