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Author Topic: Mod - ComeCloser  (Read 50428 times)

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Mod - ComeCloser
« on: May 28, 2014, 10:00:56 pm »

ComeCloser is a simple mod that allows you to change the viewing range of the players name tag. Very simple and not very complex, but can change your entire minecraft game play. No longer do you have to suffer a player being able to see your name 60 blocks underground.

Visits the links bellow to get the mod.
Jenkins Archive A Archive B

Reporting Issues
Report all bugs to Github  following this guide

Configuration File
->NormalRange - Range at which the player's name can be seen while standing up
->SneakRange  - Range at which the player's name can be seen while sneaking

Future plans no eta
*Will add admin commands to change range on fly
*Will add way to restrict view range by items or ranks, useful for class game play
*Will add name tag render options, and filters to better hide names threw walls.
*Will add a core version with api to provide mods with more support
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