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Author Topic: Rules and EAQ - READ FIRST OR YOU WILL GET BANNED!!!  (Read 4671292 times)

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« on: April 27, 2012, 01:08:59 am »
  • There is an installer for 1.6.x versions and above of Forge. USE IT, it will solve 80% of all your problems. Do not use the universal install.
  • Failure to comply with the rules in this EAQ means your thread will be locked.
  • DO NOT ask for help with any version besides the latest MC version. If you are using a modpack, please ask your modpack maker (FTB/Technic/whatever)
  • No two problems are alike. DO NOT post in an existing thread if you have the same problem, make a new one.
  • Support for legacy versions of MC and Forge will not be offered. Instructions in this thread is all you'll get, if not you're on your own.

Things to do before you post:
  • THIS IS A SUPPORT FORUM FOR FML/FORGE, AND ONLY FML/FORGE. Go to a mod specific forum (whether on this site or another) to ask for help with a certain mod. If you are using MCPC+/Cauldron, do not post here, post in the MCPC/Cauldron support forum.
  • This is a support forum for players, not for modders needing help with code. Modders go to the Modder Support forum.
  • Search for your issue (the first line of the stack trace is a good start).
    When you do post, your post will have possibly related topics listed above it, check those too. DO NOT REPLY to those threads.
  • If you think you have found a bug, please retry with the latest forge build available from http://files.minecraftforge.net before posting here.
  • Read the "Common Problems and Solutions" section below.
  • If you need help writing a bug report/support request, go here: http://vazkii.us/br101/
  • Make sure you have not installed either ModLoader or MCPatcher (use Optifine instead)
  • If the top line of your error log does not contain net.minecraftforge.whatever or cpw.mods.fml.something, the reason is most likely not Forge, it's an issue with the mod you're using.
Below is a list of things which you MUST include in your post.
  • Be sure to include the entire logs/fml-{client/server}-latest.log (1.7.2 and up) resp. ForgeModLoader-{client/server}-0.log (pre 1.7.2). Both found in your .minecraft-folder / server root folder. Not including the log in no way helps us to help you and has a small chance of getting you banned.
  • State clearly the order in which you installed any .jar mods and their versions and if you used a patcher/launcher and which one
  • State what research you have already done (You should have done some, this forum is only for well-researched bugs!).
  • If you mention anything about a cracked client for any reason, you get a free warning, maybe even a ban.
  • Do not speak about any mod that is stupid enough to edit base files without using Forge that, as such, is incompatible with Forge.
  • Use the Spoiler tag to enclose stack traces and other long information ( [spoiler]Put long text here[/spoiler] ). Do not use hidden tags, it's a nuisance.
  • Do not attach your logs to your post, either by Dropbox or whatever. Use Pastebin or http://gist.github.com
  • In general give as much information as you can. "It does not work", "I get a black Screen", etc. in no way helps us to help you and will only cause you to get in trouble. :)
The new minecraft launcher will work just fine for 1.6 and above. If you need to use 1.5.2 and below use MultiMC
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