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  1. Helping out with Forge PRs
  2. Introducing Mercurius! Stats and Analytics for Forge
  3. New Official Twitter Account!
  4. New Forge Art Contest
  5. Upgrading Web Server (Intermittent Issues/Downtime)
  6. Wiki Shutdown and Forge Announcements/Information
  7. Server Upgrades & Minor Downtime
  8. Site Breach Information and Security Update
  9. Introduction and New Server for Forums!
  10. Files Server Migration
  11. Jenkins Migration (New Server HYPE!)
  12. New Beta Forums
  13. New Tutorials Section - We are also accepting moderators for this forum
  14. Forum maintenance - Removal of unactivated accounts
  15. New Server
  16. Server moved
  17. Re-organized forum boards again
  18. New mods added to the site
  19. New Mod install - Related Topics
  20. Forum re-organization