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Author Topic: Forge 7.8.0 Minecraft 1.5.2  (Read 1679091 times)

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Forge 7.8.0 Minecraft 1.5.2
« on: May 03, 2013, 06:15:57 PM »
Forge Version: 7.8.0
Minecraft Version: 1.5.2

Minecraft Forge 7.8.0 Changelog:
Updated to Minecraft v1.5.2
Bug Fix:
  • Fixed hardcoding of MC version in debug text.

This is a small update. Not much changed internally for Minecraft. But obfuciation DID change. Which means mods will need to be updated. UNLESSS they obfusicated to SRG names. If they did then they should be fine. Please speak with your indavidual mod authors before coming to us.
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